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DTS can fabricate any size custom control station to meet your needs. We specialize in control systems that range from the simplest one to two button control stations to complex integrated PLC/drive components. We employee a staff of experienced...

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Consulting Services

DTS is dedicated to developing and implementing regulatory compliance and liability defense strategies to protect corporate assets.  Consulting services are tailored and client specific.  Our knowledge of safety, regulatory compliance, loss control, and...

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Occupational Testing and Training Services

DTS understands training is more than just meeting a regulation requirement.  The purpose of training is to provide your employees with a practical knowledge and understanding of the hazards involved in their processes and how to control those hazards. We...

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Evaluations / Assessment / Risk Management

Meeting government, state and local standards is a challenge in itself. It is our objective to ensure your company not only complies with standards and regulations but also provides a strong foundation of controlling risk and liability through policies,...

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Safety Blog – Supervisors: The Most Vital Key to Success

Posted: April 21, 2017

Often times as we meet with clients the subject comes up on supervisors and their impact on business.  Owners are constantly asking how to lower cost and improve overall success through the use of added tools and support structures for their employees.  The reality we often face is a company can provide the best tools and support available but if key supervision...

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